Concrete Stenciling and Stenciled Concrete

Hills Kerbs brings the beauty of natural stone and brick together with the strength and toughness of concrete in a wide range of creative and aesthetically appealing stencilled concrete designs and surface finishes.

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Stencilled concrete gives you the appearance of a paved surface with the functionality and durability of concrete. We offer the very latest in stenciling techniques to guarantee many years of maintenance free performance and you can select from an extensive range of stencil designs and concrete patterns to match any style of house or landscaping.

All of our concrete stencils and colour fixers are especially made for tough Australian conditions so you can be assured your beautiful new concrete finish will maintain its attractiveness and keep performing for many years to come. Stenciled concreting offers excellent safety benefits too. As well as being great value for money, its textured surface provides superior grip for both pedestrians and vehicles.

With our large selection of pattern designs and colours, Hills Kerbs' stenciled concrete will add charm, appeal and value to any home or property.

What types of areas are suitable for concrete stenciling?

Stenciling is a great option for anyone looking to enhance the visual appeal of an outdoor area quickly and cost effectively. Almost any type of concrete surface can be beautified, such as:

  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Walkways
  • Pool surrounds
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Gazebos
  • Paradise rooms
  • Verandas
  • Roads
  • Cycleways
  • Entertainment areas

Stencil Gallery

We have more than 15 years extensive experience in the application of concrete stencils to virtually any type of concrete surface. To view some of our recent projects, please click on a thumbnail below.

Stencil Patterns

We offer an extensive range of stencil patterns from which to choose. By combining several patterns, we can create a custom creative design uniquely suited to your home or property. Our experts will work with you to select a design that you?۪re sure to love.


Concrete Colour Chart

The choice of the most appropriate colours and their application is critical to the overall visual appeal and longevity of your new decorative concrete finish. That?۪s why it?۪s important to select a trusted expert. Our concrete stenciling process leaves no streaks and does not use chemicals and we only use top quality colour sealers and hardeners.

Our experienced qualified professionals will guide you in selecting the right colour combination to ensure a perfect result and your satisfaction.

Stenciled concrete colour chart