Hills Kerbs' specially designed concrete edging, garden edging and continuous concrete curbing is customised on site to your specific project requirements and specifications. A Hills Kerbs professional landscape design consultant will work with you to create the ideal design for your curbing needs.

We are professional tradesmen and landscapers and we are fully insured. Our installations are always clean and tidy and cost far less than conventional methods of fitting concrete kerb.

Our kerbs are offered in a wide variety of various design styles and profiles and we secure the kerb to the existing slab or footpath which helps to make sure it will stay securely in place for many years. Our professional approach, on-time delivery, use of high grade materials and customer satisfaction guarantee makes Hills Kerbs the right choice for any type of kerbing installation.

Garden Edging



To add a touch of style to your garden, our garden edging is the perfect way to finish your garden beds and lawn areas.

Hills Kerbs garden edging sets the benchmark for quality, style and value and is the perfect way to create a functional and attractive border around garden beds and along driveways. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, our hand-finished garden edging offers exceptional value at an affordable price.

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Concrete Edging

Concrete Edging


Our breakthrough Fibermesh?? technology provides the most effective technique available to ensure your concrete edging not only looks its best but stands the test of time... year in, year out.

We utilise the very latest advancements in concrete additives and enhancement products to provide you with a perfect result. With increased strength and durability, high impact resistance and improved colour retention properties, it's easy to see why Hills Kerbs' concrete edging is superior to our competitors.

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Concrete Curbing

Concrete CurbingConcrete Curbing


At Hills Kerbs the focus is on delivering a superior quality product at exceptional value for money. Our products are specially designed to produce the strongest and most durable concrete curbing available on the market today.

We can easily customise your new concrete curbing to suit your landscaping requirements. From business parking lots, drive-throughs, shopping centres, pubs, clubs and schools to residential developments, council managed parks, playgrounds and other public access areas, we can deliver the highest quality concrete curbing on time and on budget every time.

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