Garden Edging

With more than 25 years experience, Hills Kerbs is the leading choice for all types and styles of quality garden edging, lawn edging, decorative edging, landscape edging and continuous concrete edging.

With more than 15 years experience, Hills Kerbs is the leading choice for all types and styles of quality garden edging, lawn edging, decorative edging, landscape edging and continuous concrete edging.

Hills Kerbs garden edging gives your home style & increases valueHave you always wanted a fabulous garden or lawn area that has that something "extra"? Then now is the time to do something about it and make a change that will not only enhance your garden but also add value and appeal to your property as well.

Hills Kerbs are the pros when it comes to designing and installing stunning garden edging details in your yard or garden. We can help you create a cost-effective, attractive landscape that requires virtually no maintenance. We are the specialists in laying superior concrete garden edging that is functional, effective, beautiful, and long-lasting - the ideal improvement to your property or home.

Significantly more hardwearing and simpler to maintain than plastic or metal edging, our garden edging will not rot or rust and will not move about. Don't compromise with boring old generic timber or brick edging that requires continuous maintenance when you could have a Hills Kerbs landscaping expert create a distinctive look just for you! We offer an extensive range of profiles, patterns and colours to complement any home and particular style whether conventional or contemporary.

Garden Edging Showcase

Garden edging is a terrific way to add beauty to your garden beds and lawn areas. Take a look at some of our recent projects and just imagine how wonderful your garden would look with the addition of Hills Kerbs?۪ garden edging.

Garden Edging Profiles

We offer a choice of two garden edging profiles - the subtle Sloping profile or the bolder Border profile that provides a stronger statement.

Garden edging profiles

Garden Edging Patterns

You can select from an extensive range of garden edging patterns to suit any environment. Our professional landscapers will advise you on which pattern best suits your garden to help ensure your new edging is not only practical but provides stunning visual appeal as well as enhancing the value of your home.

Garden edging patterns

Garden Edging Colour Chart

Selecting and blending the correct colour is critical to ensure your new garden edging harmonises with your property's colour scheme. We are experts at matching existing concrete colours and will make sure your new garden edging blends seamlessly with any pre-established edging.

Garden edging colour chart

Why Hills Kerbs are the superior choice

Hills Kerbs utilises breakthrough technology to provide the most effective products available to ensure your kerbing not only looks its best but stands the test of time.

Our superior concrete enhancement products are harmless to the environment. They:

  • increase strength & durability using the microscopic Fibermesh advantage
  • provide high impact capacity & shatter resistance
  • prevent the formation of drying & shrinkage cracks
  • control leach salt bloom (efflorescence) appearing at the exposed surfaces as disfiguring white crystalline salts
  • improve coloured consistency & brightness
  • increase tensile strength
  • are non-magnetic & non-corrosive
  • reduce water migration & increase water tightness
  • improve cohesion
  • help protect against mould & mildew
  • provide pigment particle holding permaniser
  • actively fight microbial intrusion which shows up as unwelcome fungi & bacteria


Tens of millions of Fibermesh fibres are uniformly distributed into the concrete to provide reinforcement and control against microbial activity


We use exclusive premium additives to reduce salt bloom

Hills Kerbs uses a unique specially formulated multipurpose concrete additive that's specifically designed to minimise the occurrence of efflorescence and the effects of salt bloom in concrete kerbing. Our exclusive concrete additive also delivers a range of other positive performance enhancing benefits to our garden edging and concrete kerb products, including:

  • Reducing permeability to water and other solutions (including chloride solutions)
  • Increases durability of the kerbing
  • Controls the occurrence of efflorescence and problems associated with salt bloom
  • Improves compressive strength of the final product
  • Increases the intensity and colour saturation of concrete colour mixes.

To learn more about salt bloom, see our article "What Is Efflorescence and How To Avoid It" for more detail on our exclusive premium concrete addtives.