Pressure Cleaning That's Green and Safe

Looking for a pressure cleaning company that uses no harmful chemicals, is environmentally aware and delivers excellent value as well? Hills Kerbs is leading the way in chemical free pressure cleaning.

Hills Kerbs pressure washing is enviromentally friendly and chemical freeIf you own a home, residential or commercial property then you almost certainly recognise exactly how much hard work it takes to keep your exterior surfaces looking clean and nice. Even with all that effort nevertheless, the outside of your property can begin to appear shabby and quite possibly utterly grubby as time goes by. You may possibly be thinking of repainting or resurfacing but often, that's not always necessary.

Hills Kerbs pressure cleaning uses a method of cleaning by using a spray, jet or stream of very highly pressurised water onto the surface that's being cleaned. It's a highly effective solution for cleaning hard surfaces such as concrete driveways and paths, decks, pool surrounds, patios, garage floors and other outdoor entertaining or high traffic areas that take a lot of abuse from wear and tear, the weather, oil, dirt and mould or mildew. Quite apart from its effectiveness in industrial environments, it's also excellent and cost effective on the outdoor surfaces around your home too.

If you are contemplating repainting your home, you should give some thought to washing your house first. It may well merely require a pressure clean to brighten the old paint. In the event you do actually need to repaint, a thorough pressure clean first prepares the paint surface allowing it to adhere more strongly, ensuring a much more durable and longer lasting job saving you money in the long term as you won't need to pain as often.

Pressure cleaning is not only great for your own home, other outside surfaces such as driveways and decking will also benefit tremendously as a result of a good wash. Of course if you are planning on applying a decorative concrete finish or sealer to your concrete driveway or garden paths or a timber stain to a deck or pool surround then pressure cleaning is a must to ensure the correct binding and adhesion.

Our pressure cleaning is completely chemical free and environmentally friendly, using nothing more than the power of water under very high pressure to strip away at built up grease and grime so you can be confident any run-off into gardens, ponds or drains is completely safe and will not harm sensitive environments.

All our experienced operators are licensed and full insured and all our work is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident of a job well done every time. So if you are considering pressure cleaning, call us. Our quotes are free and our staff are professional, competent and very friendly.