Concrete Resurfacing, Concrete Repair and Concrete Coatings

If you have tired, cracked or old concrete or paved areas inside or outside your home that are in need of revitalising, then our concrete resurfacing may be just the answer.

Concrete resurfacingHills Kerbs concrete resurfacing is an inexpensive way of bringing your worn-out old concrete back to life quickly and easily. It is also an fantastic as well as affordable solution that will increase the value and overall appeal of your home and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Quite simply, concrete resurfacing is the application of a decorative coating on top of the existing concrete that delivers you a fantastic brand new look without the fuss and at a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement.

We generally blend the new cement with special additives and other components in order to improve the wear resistance, aesthetic qualities and overall general performance.

Your newly resurfaced concrete can be further enhanced with a diverse selection of designs, textures and colours to suit any style of home or landscape. Patterns typically include brick, cobblestone, granite, sandstone and paved surface finishes. Colours may be blended to provide an aged appearance or you can even replicate a stamped concrete look. Borders are commonly completed in an alternate pattern and colour to highlight the concrete and add extra interest.

Concrete surface repair is most effective on surfaces that have been thoroughly cleaned and are structurally strong. Smaller cracks will be taken care of by the resurfacing materials but more substantial fractures and crevices will first need to be ground and repaired for the best results. Aggregate and pebblecrete style finishes are all suitable for resurfacing. The new surface will be sealed to protect it guaranteeing maintenance is as simple as a quick hose down and increasing its longevity and durability.

Resurfaced Concrete Gallery

Concrete resurfacing can be a surprisingly easy and cost effective alternative to the replacement of old and worn concrete. To gauge how wonderful your home would look with a beautiful new decorative concrete finish, please click on a thumbnail below to view some of our recent projects.

Resurfaced Concrete Stencil Patterns

We offer an extensive range of stencil patterns from which to choose. By combining several patterns, we can create a custom creative design uniquely suited to your home or property. Our experts will work with you to select a design that you?۪re sure to love.


Resurfaced Concrete Colour Chart

To complete your new concrete surface and ensure it is in complete harmony with your home?۪s style, we offer a wide selection of colours that may be blended to match any existing paved or stenciled areas.

Concrete resurfacing colour chart